(Two Courses £23.95 / Three courses £29.95)


Okra with roasted young green chilli chutney (vegan)

Green papaya salad ”Somtam(vegan)

Chips with masala (vegan)

Sweet potato fried (vegan)

Goat cheese parcels (vegetarian)

Pan Fried Tandoori Prawn

Grilled Chicken Satay


Tom Yum Prawns


(Jasmin rice included)

Grilled Tofu and butternut squash green curry, steamed asparagus, basil oil (vegan)

Baked fresh Shitake Mushrooms, potato edamame dumpling, Szechuan peppercorn sauce, toasted pine nuts (vegan)

Spicy yellow turmeric young Banana curry (vegan)

Roasted squash Laksa with crunchy chickpeas, pak choi & Pomegranate (vegan)

King river Prawns Green curry, asparagus, butternut squash

King river Prwans in Black pepper sauce

King river Prawns Pad Thai

Beef rendang (Malaysians’ favourite of beef cooked in coconut milk and herbs)

Chicken Green curry with asparagus and grilled butternut squash

Chicken Massaman curry with fried onions, asparagus, butternut squash, tomato & peanuts


Banana fritter

Chocolate & chilli Cheesecake

Selection of Ice cream or Sorbet (Sorbet for vegan)

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