Thai Malay Cuisine in the shadow of The Shard

Lunch Menu

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Please inform your waiter if you have any allergies


Banana bread £2.50

Sweet potato fries £3.50

Potato chips sprinkled with masala  £3.50

Prawn crackers £2.00

Wok-fried aubergine £4.50

Calamari    £6.25

Spicy grilled beef salad with herb & sprinkled roasted rice  £6.25


Okra with roasted young green chilli chutney (vegan) £7.75

Green Papaya, Crispy Tofu and Pomegranate Somtam with roasted cashew nuts (vegan) £7.95

Wild Mushrooms Stir fried exotic Asian mushrooms with chillies and spring onions (vegan) £8.25

Goat cheese parcels, toasted sesame, re onion compote, walnuts salad & lime dressing (veg) £7.95

Pan fried baby squids with garlic and peppercorn; served with champor champor kimchi £8.95

Crispy soft shell crab, five spice, salt and pepper £9.95

Pan fried tandoori prawns with mango yogurt salad, Thai salsa £ 9.95

Seared scallop, pancetta, apple salad with spiced lime juice & milk dressing £ 10.75

Shredded roast duck, hoisin sauce, flat roti £9.25

Grilled satay duck breast, almond butter

crispy lemon grass £9.25

Slices of herb Roasted Pork served with chillies in black vinegar and picked ginger £8.75

Thai style lemon grass soup with prawns £8.95


(Jasmine rice included)

Baked fresh shitake mushroom, potato edamame dumpling, Szechuan peppercorn sauce, toasted pine nuts (vegan) £13.95

Roasted squash laksa with crunchy chickpeas, pakchoi & pomegranate (vegan) £13.95

Spicy yellow turmeric young banana curry (vegan) 13.95

Grilled tofu & butternut squash green curry, steamed asparagus, basil oil (vegan) £14.95

Roasted monkfish, spinach & ricotta ravioloni, mango puree curry £19.95

Pan fried red snapper, Malaysian sambal sauce, squid ink linguini £19.95

King river prawns yellow turmeric curry, egg cream, celery £16.95

King river prawns green curry, asparagus, butternut squash £16.95

Wok fried King river prawns in Black pepper sauce with sliced pepper & onions £15.95

Grilled chicken thigh green curry, asparagus butternut squash £15.95

Massaman grilled chicken thigh curry with fried onions, asparagus butternut squash, tomato & peanuts £15.95

Beef rendang

(Malaysian’s favourite of beef cooked in coconut milk & herbs) £17.25

Sizzling beef sirloin in hot plate with sliced onions, fresh green peppercorns, krachai (wild ginger) £20.75

Lamb shank braised in blue Sumatra coffee, red wine, dried red chilli £19.95

Massaman lamb shank curry with fried onion, tomato & peanuts £19.95


Wok-fried Vegetable £5.75

Vegetable Pad Thai £5.75

Jasmine Rice £3.50

Sticky Rice £3.50

Coconut rice £3.75

Flat roti £3.75

Flat Roti £3.75